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Mnogo Apps is an independent mobile games studio specializing in the publishing, user acquisition and monetization of mobile games. We work with both IOS and Android platforms.

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We respect intellectual property, so you can trust that we'll never copy your game.

We believe strongly in sharing all revenues fairly and having 100% transparency on data, meaning we have nothing to hide.

We’ll provide a priceless perspective on your games. In-house producers, art-directors and QA leads will consult you on how to achieve and exceed player expectations in terms of game quality.

Creating a great game can be hard, but marketing it can be even harder.

Our UA & Marketing team has vast experience in launching games to a global audience, having led multiple titles to millions of downloads and the top of the charts!

We provide full monetization support from our dedicated revenue team.

Our mission is to help you create a game that players love, and will earn for you and your team.

Our mission is
to help you create
unforgettable player experiences
What we offer?
  • Personal Experience & Coaching for your Game

    Work directly with your personal coach to improve gameplay and metrics to publishing standard.

    Your coach will help you identify, understand and address improvable areas in your game.

  • Release Strategy

    As soon as the product and marketing materials are ready, we will facilitate a gradual rollout of the game.

    Gradual release is important, since it helps identify and iterate the key issues at the earliest time possible. Once fine-tuned, the game will be considered for a global release.

  • Worldwide Distribution & Scale

    Our team is working hard behind the scenes to drive millions of engaged users to your game, monetize them at a high level, and generate profits for your game.

  • Community Management

    Once the game is live, we will manage the incoming streams of player feedback and reach out to the press and opinion leaders via multiple online outlets.

    This will enable us to identify future improvement opportunities and to effictively announce forthcoming updates.

We are looking for
Casual, addictive, mass market mobile games
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We accept submissions across both major mobile platforms, be it Android or iOS. Feel free to send us your APKs and games on the Google Play store, as well as those on the iOS App Store!

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